Los Angeles, CA, Friday, October 27, 2017 – Build Group, a leading commercial general contractor recently named 2017 #2 Best Places to Work in Los Angeles recently opened its new office in The Bloc in Downtown LA. This expansion is an effort to accommodate continued growth and is a key addition for the firm’s presence in Los Angeles. Designed by ONE design collective Shannon Rose McShea, our L.A. Headquarters will have an open concept floor plan, with collaborative work stations, telephone and huddle rooms, a conference room, and a break and staff lounge.

Downtown LA is undergoing an unprecedented Renaissance.  Over the past decade and a half an estimated $30 billion has been invested in Downtown Los Angeles. “The Bloc,” literally takes up one city block at 7th and Flower, the pedestrian-friendly shopping center ditched its roof, giving shoppers lots of light and fresh air. It now boasts an outdoor courtyard with what looks like a big patch of artificial turf, colorful outdoor furniture, and planters that you can find on this site surrounded by restaurants and shops . Downtown is turning into a vibrant 24/7 live, work, play destination, a beacon for conventions, sports, entertainment and corporate headquarters. With its diverse business base, Downtown will continue on a solid growth trajectory offering a myriad of business opportunity.

Build Group President Todd Pennington said, “I spent most of my career in Downtown but it has never been as exciting.  Streets are full of life, construction cranes are everywhere, and people seem to appreciate just being part of a happening.  Build Group will be a distinct and valuable addition to the commercial real estate landscape.”

About Build Group, Inc.: Build Group provides commercial construction, construction management services throughout Southern and Northern California. Having just reached its 10-year anniversary, it is the preferred builder and trusted partner in every market it serves, with a mission statement; We Build. Values…People…Trust.

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