How We Build

What makes Build Group different? We have built a process that measures all aspects of construction. We believe everything worth doing in construction should have a defined process that is objectively and regularly measured. We use the data to improve our services to clients, refine the process, and provide constructive feedback to our employees. We attack each phase of the project to ensure cost effectiveness and constructibility, as we transition from estimating and preconstruction through to planning, operations and construction. Our unique approach to construction provides us with continuous feedback that improves our services to clients, while helping us to develop future leaders.

Preconstruction Overview

Preconstruction starts by providing an estimate of what your project should cost based on comparable jobs and our teams’ development experience. Once formally released, the preconstruction team validates and refines using subcontractor input, as well as constructability studies, site staging and phasing plans, and schedules are provided by the scheduling & logistics team. The planning team provides the seamless transition between preconstruction and operations, and coordinating the projects contractual, legal, and insurance requirements during the latter stages of preconstruction. Each step of the process is prescribed and measured allowing us to consistently develop our future leaders and grow as a company so that we continue to improve our clients services on future projects.

What we measure during preconstruction:

  • The Estimate
  • Bid Binder
  • Bid Tabs
  • Scope Checklists
  • Qualifications & Exclusions Summary
  • Constructability Review
  • Schedule
  • Site Staging Plan
  • Site Phasing Plan
  • Contract Review
  • Project Staffing Plan

At the conclusion of preconstruction, we hold a transition meeting during which the items listed above are formally turned over to the project construction team. The agenda ensures that the field team has a thorough understanding of the project and possible issues.

Structural Concrete

Build Group has the option of self performing concrete work through its sister company. Pacific Structures is a concrete construction company known for saving clients time and money. The principals, management, and field operations staff possess more than three decades of hands-on know-how that has won them opportunities to design and build some of the most complex concrete structures in California. This substantial expertise means that the company leaders have what it takes to engage the entire project team, and push to optimize the structure for cost, quality, and schedule.

Scheduling Constraints

We evaluate all items that could constrain or hinder the schedule to avoid any issues before they arise. Site visits by the entire team determine if there are limitations from adjacent buildings, roadways, bus lines, and/or bike and pedestrian ways. We also open lines of communication early with the city to fully understand available working hours and the ability to draw street permits.

Scheduling Overview

After we have reviewed constructability and determined the optimal approach to the project, we evaluate the best schedule that works within the time and cost constraints. We carefully take into account the knowledge we have gained to determine the best sequence to the schedule.

Executing Schedule

Once the schedule has been set, the Build Group team a systematically approaches the details of everyday tasks to ensure that every aspect of the project is preplanned and lined out prior to the start of work. We spearhead communication with subcontractors to guarantee that they fully understand the overall schedule and the roll they play in it. Every three weeks each Superintendent creates a Look Ahead Schedule for their project. The schedule helps outline any changes to the master schedule and is reviewed by the entire project team to keep everyone on the same page.

Materials and Labor

We also evaluate the design to determine if we can utilize cost efficient material while upholding the design aesthetic. Our years of experience and close ties to subcontractors have given us a wide knowledge of various materials and have kept us abreast as new materials hit the marketplace. We also evaluate innovative ways to construct the project by reducing labor costs, building efficiently, and driving schedule.


Our extensive expertise and long term relationships with leading architectural, engineering, and subcontracting professionals allow us to offer the most competitive design-build solutions for our clients. At the onset of the project, we roll up our sleeves and implement design-build innovation. Our clients rely on us to manage the design-build process in order to bring the highest value to the project, as guided by their parameters for quality, budget and schedule.

Design-build is about the synergy between the architect, engineer, and construction team, and how they work together to complete a successful project. Rather than a contractual relationship or the responsibility falling to a sole individual, our design-build team successfully completes a project by insuring all skill sets are used cohesively. Trust and free thinking amongst the team allows innovation and process to fuse the project together to assure victory.

Our expert team brings leadership, communication, and high levels of expertise to form the successful foundation for any design-build project. To meet our client’s needs in an ever changing marketplace, we are flexible in the deployment of all forms of design-build services.

Efficient Design

During the design and preconstruction phase, we evaluate construction details and materials that may affect the quality of the project, as well as make cost-effective recommendations to the owner. When testing the building against our database of Systems Summary, we are able to determine if any parts can be eliminated to reduce material and labor costs. Furthermore, we evaluate the efficiency of the design to ensure that all spaces are fully utilized. For example we have evaluated parking structures, finding ways to add a percentage of stalls and increase revenue generated. For residential structures, we compare gross residential area to net rentable area at all key budget milestones. We track the net rentable area throughout the entire design period to avoid lost net rentable footage.

Budget Updates

We are on hand as the project moves into the preconstruction phase to provide any pricing required for the project.

Detailed estimates will be generated throughout the design phase; typically at schematic design, design development, 50% drawings, 85% drawings, and 100% drawings. These estimates and our subcontractor input are ‘open-books’ to our clients and the design team. We utilize On-Screen Takeoff software for performing takeoffs. This software provides accurate quantities and is a great visual communication tool.

Key Metrics

Over the years our team has estimated countless projects, developing a database of the key metrics that define an efficient design. This systems summary allows us to perform a full analysis of each project design, ensuring nothing lies outside the norm. We perform detailed checks on foundation, structure, and exterior skin and unit interiors. This analysis can catch outlying systems and errors, allowing us to make necessary changes, while the building is still on paper.

Strategic Alliances

Our expert personnel have worked in and around San Francisco for multiple decades. With this experience, we are able to maintain strategic alliances with some of the most innovative and accomplished specialty subcontractors in San Francisco. These relationships offer our clients immediate access to precise real-time market information and subcontractor participation in some of the most critical building trades. Our overall goal is to better serve the interests of the project by giving accurate cost and scheduling data to facilitate the right decisions for the project design.

Quality Standards

Build Group provides measured quality on projects with systems that work.

Starting with developing an understanding of our clients’ needs, Build Group provides pro forma estimating services to allow our clients to make educated decisions early in the process.  At Build Group, we measure every estimate to a quality standard that was developed by the founding Partners in order to consistently achieve a high-level of client satisfaction.

During construction, Build Group executes projects to the highest standards of quality in the business.  Our quality is a result of process driven construction, and we can prove it.  At Build Group, we measure  all of our project teams twice a month against more than 16 Quality Standards implemented by our founding Partners.

Executive Jobsite Safety Walks

Each month our Safety Director and Executive Management choose several different Field Supervisory personnel to accompany them on a day full of jobsite safety audits/ walks.  At this time, all personnel walk 6-10 jobsites looking for any safety issues, as well as the best safe practices and fresh ideas that can help us build smarter, safer, and faster.

Safety Team

Build Group’s Safety Team is comprised of numerous representatives from management and field operations. The Safety Team meets on a monthly basis to set/ modify policies and procedures, as necessary.  Additionally, all near misses and incidents are reviewed and converted into Lessons Learned, which are then communicated throughout the company to prevent future occurrences.  The representatives on the Safety Team are rotated out on an annual basis to promote new ideas and innovation that is consistent with Build Group’s core values and culture.

Crisis and Emergency Plan

Build Group employees and principals are all extremely aware of the inherent dangers of performing the work that we do and the industry that we do it in. The Crisis and Emergency plan keeps all offsite/onsite employees and trade partners prepared and informed of how to handle any unfortunate or unforeseen situation, should one arise.

  • Site Specific Crisis and Emergency Response Plans
  • ERT (Emergency Response Teams) in place on all jobsites
  • Third party Crisis and Emergency semi-annually for Senior and Executive management team training
Safety Training

Build Group frequently provides quality and up to date training for all of our employees as follows:

  • Construction Safety Orientation
    • All new hires are required to participate in this rigorous two-hour safety program covering more than 20 topics.
  • Site Specific Safety Orientation
    • At the beginning of each project all site personnel are required to participate in this training which outlines specific site safety hazards and “do’s and don’ts”.
  • OSHA 10/30, CPR/AED, First Aid
    • All Foremen, Superintendents, Project Assistants, Project Engineers and Project Managers are routinely trained and certified.
  • Online Safety Program
    • All field management is required to participate in weekly/monthly Level 2 & 3 training classes.
  • Cal-Flagger and Forklift/Gradeall/Scissor Lift
    • All carpenters and laborers are trained and certified routinely.
  • Quarterly Supervisors Safety Meetings
    • Quarterly meeting to review what is happening throughout the industry and on our projects.  Lessons learned are primary focus.
  • Annual Crisis and Emergency Training
    • Annual training with third party coordinator, mandatory for all Supervisory and Executive personnel.
  • Miscellaneous Training
    • We work with several third party consultants for specialty training and certification on Crane Signaling, Rigging, Flagging, Fall Protection, and other various specialty Training as required by OSHA.
Build it Safe – Build it Right

Build Group is committed to providing a safe work environment for our employees, sub-contractors, and clients. As a team, we constantly strive for ZERO incidents in our workplace. Build Group is committed to a standard of excellence in fostering a robust safety culture through training, communication, and hard work to insure the absolute safety of the workers.

Safety Record

Current EMR: 0.78

Estimating Overview

While most general contractors are simply pricing plans, Build Group staff source new real estate opportunities and figure out creative ways to make deals pencil. We offer considerably more than just passing on subcontractor bids to owners. Our team is comprised of true builders who evaluate design constructability and seek creative ways to value engineer.

Our estimating team is actively involved from conceptual budgeting all the way through final subcontractor bidding and buyout. We add value to the project team by finding creative ways to reach design goals, while maintaining a high return.